Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Thoughts on Flash

I'm getting a bit tired of even being asked to do anything in Flash. I like the app and I find it very useful, but what I don't like is a) how many others use it and b) because of that, what clients ask me to do for them.

It is completely possible to make a fast-loading flash presentaion, but to do so one must load it in bits - like any web page. All it takes is a bit of thought beforehand - while the first sequence is playing, the second is loading, or the images or films for the rest of the movie (think "streaming") are loading.

I think this "start to end" Flash assembly-line way of working has to end - a way of working that, most probably after being published after a satisfied in-computer viewed "there" from its webmaster creator, loads into any remote viewer's computer like a bowling ball through a garden hose.