Thursday, 17 December 2009

Time of reflection - energy direction

I'm having a bit of difficulty working out the transition of energy into our dimension, and its behaviour after  entering it. Once here, energy can flow in any direction, and typically flows in every direction away from its point of origin or source, but this brings up a few questions: does our dimension have 'limits'? What was this 'point of origin' (was it the centre of the big bang?) and why, if our dimension originated either through a collision with another or some other dimension-diverting phenomenon in another, does energy radiate in all directions, and not in a "spew" pattern spreading outwards from the dimension collision/creation point? Also, to me there seems to be an underlying force unifying all levels of energy conduction - light, inertia, etc. - and I'm wondering if this is a base 'magnetism' that is the very essence of our - or any - dimension. If so, does this energy 'flow' in the same dimensional direction as we - or has it ceased to flow altogether?