Saturday, 9 October 2010

Black Holes - addendum

I'd just like to 'touch up' some thoughts I had about 'mega black holes' - black holes with a mass so great that their cores have (possibly) been reduced to quarks and gluons. If the energy created by the massive compression was so great that quarks (and gluons) would be 'energized' enough to return to their 'perfect state', the black hole would lose mass until it became one with a core of highly compact neutrons. On the other hand, since fusion in elements beyond iron actually needs energy, an energy already consumed by the star during its collapse, I would find it highly plausible that the black hole would stabilize, no matter it's core's consistence.

One conclusion I have been able to confirm through all this is that gravity is the energy pulling an element towards its natural 'perfect' state, and all other forms of quantum-level energy push elements away from that state. In fact, I am even persuaded that there are only two forms of energy working at a quantic level - 'dead' energy (gravity) and 'positive' energy.