Thursday, 23 January 2014

Everything is light... and time?

Around one in the morning last night I watched around ten minutes of a (rather stupid) time-travel movie, and went to bed with that in my head... spending around an hour mulling 'brain-only' things usually helps my sleep. Anyway, I was thinking about the conditions that would have to be met for time travel to be possible... either somehow being able to re-create the entire universe at the desired point in time (not), somehow 'reversing' the action-reaction of particles (not) that in any case would 'travel' no faster in the opposite direction than our present sense of time (not not) and that again for the entire universe (not ∞ )... so then thought about manipulating a limited area of space-time.

If I was to 'reverse' a certain number of particles (I had tossed the 'speed' factor for the time being), I would have to not only reverse the particles themselves, but reverse the very essence of each particle, meaning down to quarks themselves. But this would make them... antimatter. Isolating that... more plausible, but again 'not'.

But then I got to thinking about 'particle reversal' and particle-antiparticle annihilation, and asked myself... do antiparticles travel backwards in time? The draw between a particle and an antiparticle is enormous, so much so that it is near impossible for us (today) to isolate an antiparticle from any particle (I digress), but anyways, in a collision between the two, imagine that their impact point is also a 'zero point' between two different 'directions' of energy AND time . This 'zero point', or 'perfect state' as I called it in an entry here three years ago (but in another context), could be what all matter in the universe is trying to attain.

I discarded my 'light bending' (into quarks) idea months ago, but I retained the persuasion that something happened to EMV energy above gamma level... what if it tore a hole in that 'zero state' (meaning penetrated slightly into the 'opposite of our' side) and became locked into running rings around its lip?

What if things happened the other way around? That is to say, with super-gamma-level energies being the ~source~ closest to the 'zero point' and all EMW's below were a residue, projectiles and smoke if you will, left over from the explosion that contained energies great enough to be 'rip maintainers' (mass-creators)? EMW's were probably (at their origin) energies emanating from that 'zero point' into 'our side'.

Anyhow, getting back to the 'energy/spacetime rip' struggle, it would probably take an enormous amount of energy to 'dislodge' that energy from its struggle between our two... dimensions (but why only two dimensions (why not dimensions between every direction possible?), and must the struggle be diametrically opposed?).

To continue this line of thought, if any EMW energy greater than gamma levels is enough to create a rip in spacetime, this would mean that every point in our spacetime can be a 'potential rip'. Is this dark energy/matter?

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Now let's play with this spacetime-rip idea a bit. If we imagine that an initial explosion in all directions in space and time managed to create rips in all directions... for simplicity's sake, let's just take two diametrically-opposed dimensions.

An explosion towards our 'construct direction' in spacetime (called 'dimension' hereon for simplicity's sake) would create a rip-ring (again, 'quark' for simplicity) whose energy field is more towards our dimension, and an explosion in the opposite would create the opposite (and in fact, the exact opposite could be true (an explosion into our dimension leaving the majority of its energy on the 'other side'), but the result would be the same). A 'positive' quark would be a rip whose energy amplitude extends in its majority into our dimension (let's say by 2/3 for simplicity) and a negative quark, the opposite.

These rips, without any 'energy controller' maintaining them open, would just close. A rip-energy combination, or quark, would remain stable as long as it wasn't approached by another, but when two positively-charged quarks approach each other, their respective 'rip' cores would be drawn to each other (much like two whirlpools), but probably not at a very high rate/strength (could this be the 'weak force'?), and they would be kept apart by their similar energy amplitudes extending into our/our opposite dimension (their charges would not 'draw across' or 'zero out' across the spacetime rip). Yet should two oppositely-charged quarks approach each other, their charges ~would~ zero out across the spacetime rip, and they would annihilate each other. The process of this happening is probably much like the effect as two magnets approaching each other; the closer they are, the stronger their pull towards each other, and this probably exponentially.

If it were this simple, the universe would appear and annihilate itself in an immeasurable length of time. Perhaps most of it did. But Hadrons are composed of ~three~ quarks, two of one kind and one of the opposite: two positive ('up') quarks eternally trying to annihilate a negative ('down') quark make a Proton, and two negative ('down') quarks and one positive ('up') quark make a Neutron. Did I even have to outline this?

Okay, to represent an 'up' quark, let's draw a symbolic horizontal EMW wave, and a horizontal line across it leaving 1/3 its amplitude below, 2/3 above. The line is the 'zero point', and everything above 'our dimension'.

There are two things to notice here: although most of the wave amplitude (energy) is in our universe, the 'draw' from the other side is lesser. If we look at the present Standard Model of Elementary particles, we see that 'up' quarks have more charge and less mass. If we move the line up 1/3 to represent a 'down' quark, we see less of the wave in our dimension but more on the 'other side'; the same table will show you that 'down' quarks have less charge but have more mass.

My earlier 'the oscillation of a looping EMW = gravity' idea makes more sense when it is placed as a ring around/inside/outside a spacetime rip, because part of that lateral action is taking place in a spacetime direction opposite to ours.

So, in summary, the idea I describe above is an 'extreme-frequency-between-spacetimes-oscillating ring of energy', an elementary particle that has charge, mass, gravity and the weak force.