Saturday, 15 May 2010

Dimensions? Really?

In re-examining my 'chain reaction from a perfect state' model, I'm beginning to see the dimensions within as an... unnecessary accessory. It is entirely imaginable that a dimension would be a space-time 'direction' away from a disturbance in space-time 'perfection' - but in the 'state of perfection' that is the base of the model, is the 'no future, no past' concept really needed?

What if this 'perfect state' is just matter (energy) that exists in a form that is simply (for now) undetectable to us? That would mean that the 'dark matter' of the universe would become simply an 'inert force' (or 'force against which we measure the state of all we can detect today'). The model would still work.

I think it is important to first answer all questions about the fabric of all that is around us today before trying to project our thoughts into other directions (dimensions). All that matters in my model for now is the difference between this 'state of perfection' and all matter/energy known to us - studying the 'direction' of (or our direction away from) the state of perfection itself can wait until the problem is solved at our level (or in our dimension). At this point, it is becoming entirely conceivable to me that dimensions don't exist at all.